Unoy Festival


It is a festival that demonstrates how thankful they are for what KABUNIYAN has given to them. It also showcases the best of Tinglayanos and depicts their cultural identity and peculiarity as a Tribe of Kalinga. They also showcase their best products wich they harvested on their own plantation to vegetables and fruits. It aims to promote and strengthen Tribal camaraderie between and amonth the different sub-tribes of Tinglayan Municipaliy.

"UNOY" is a word which simply means the "BEST", best products, best customs and traditions and best practices. it is a unique word that only exist in Tinglayan parlance and is not known to the other tribes of Kalinga. Moreover, UNOY connotes abundane for during the olden times, Unoy Rice was only served in celebration of a bountiful harvest by the "ACHANGYANS", affluent people.

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