Municipal Profile

Tinglayan is located in the Northern Part of the Philippines, this is a place where culture is still undiscovered or unspoiled. There are a lot of undiscovered places that the local communities want to preserve in order for their children to see and experience. Their beliefs, culture, and religion doesn’t disunite them. Unity is what they uphold for the next generation.

The name Tinglayan evolved from the word Tingian later Tongrayan and finally the people prefer Tinglayan up to the present time. It became a Municipality on June 25, 1963 pursuant to executive order no. 42 of President Diosdado Macapagal. The town now consist of twenty (20) barangays with Poblacion as the center.

The Municipality of Tinglayan consist of Nine (9) Communities which are--- But-but (Loccong, Bugnay, Buscalan, But-but Proper and Ngibat), Basao (Maswa and Basao), Tinglayan (Luplupa, Old Tinglayan, Poblacion, and Ambato), Dananao, Tulgao (East and West Tulgao), Bangad (Upper Bangad, Bangad Centro and Lower Bangad), Sumadel (Sumadel 1 and 2), Belong (Man-ubal and Belong), and Mallango (Char-ig and Mallango)