Tourist Attraction

Tinglayan is a land of natural charm and beauty with its majestic mountains, rustic village and rice terraces. It is a land of mystic, legends and tales; a land of iving water that rage among formidable river rocks; its under gorund river murmurs beneath its gold encrusted mountains slopes an its dashing waterfalls on the cliffs contrast the crystal-clear water in the mountain streams. It is the cradle of rich tinglayan culture that is highly refined and colorful with varied dancesm soungs, music and exotic tribal finery.

Even in this modern days culture communities and traditional practices maintained the land's natural beauty and charm. History reveals the indomitable fiery spirited people of Tinglaya as amon those never colonized through the centuries as they maintained a fortress of freedom and independence in their ancestral domains, their couregeous strange earned for its people. Tinglayan bechons you to an adventure-filled life experience.