Tinglayan District Congregate For PDEA Drug Free Barangay Workshop

Tinglayan, Kalinga - PDEA in coordination with MLGU Tinglayan conducted a workshop to facilitate accomplishment of documents to help barangays in Tinglayan District be recognized or declared as Drug Free Barangay last Wednesday, 5 May 2021.

Depending on the presence of users and pushers in the community, PDEA under the Community Based Drug Rehabilitation Program (CBDRP) classifies barangays into three (3) categories namely: Affected, Drug Cleared and Unaffected.

Currently, Tinglayan District has three (3) Affected Barangays, seven (7) Drug Cleared Barangays and ten (10) Unaffected barangays.

At the workshop, brgy. chairmans and brgy. secretaries with the supervision of PDEA compiled the necessary documentary requirements to retain or renew their status.

Affected Barangays needs to submit two (2) folder containing BADAC resolution orders, DOH training certificates, Color Coded PDEA-PNP CBW, Profiles of identified individuals, etc.

Whilst, Drug Cleared Barangays needs to submit two (2) folders comprising of Resolution of presence of Active Drug Personalities, Booking of Certified Identified Drug Personalities (CIDP), After Activity Report (AAR), etc.

Lastly, unaffected Barangays needs to pass a folder containing BADAC reactivation and revitalization resolution, Certification of absence of Drug Personalities, illegal activities and drug facilities from RIO and/or PDEA, etc.

Said documents shall be passed to the region for further review and deliberation.

Initial checking of documentary requirements will be held on May 26 at Tinglayan Municipal Legislative Hall.