Senior Citizens Received Astrazeneca Vaccination

Tinglayan, Kalinga - MHO commenced the vaccination for Senior Citizens (A2 Priority List) last Monday, 17 May 2021.

After the successful inoculation for the second dose of Sinovac Vaccination for Healthworkers (A1 Priority List), MHO moves down the next line of priorities, senior citizens.

This time, Astrazeneca was used for vaccination. MHO currently has 10 vials at their disposal. Each vial can be used by 10 people.

Senior Citizens swarmed the vaccination place Monday afternoon upon receiving communication of vaccine availability.

In an interview with Mr. Julian Taguitag and his wife, Rosita Taguitag, they shared how differently they reacted with the information.

"Right after knowing that senior citizens can be vaccinated, I immediately agreed and enticed my wife to join me," Mr. Taguitag said.

Contrarily, Mrs. Taguitag disclosed she was more nonchalant towards vaccination saying, "I think if it's our time then it is but my children encouraged me to be vaccinated. They said I would need to show my health card in order to visit them in Manila so I am here,"

Mrs. Leocadia Mucay, a local teacher on the other hand stated she has long been waiting for the vaccine.

"Idi paylang nga ururayen mi daytoy vaccine ket tatta lang nga adda," she said.

Others shared the same sentiment, expressing their eagerness to finally be vaccinated.

All in all 25 senior citizens were vaccinated yesterday while 5 were deferred.

Astrazeneca Vaccination for Senior Citizens will continue for today with 7 more vials available.