Herd Immunity: Protecting Tinglayan Against Covid-19

Tinglayan, Kalinga - Flabbergasted by the overwhelming deaths in India as shown through social media, Tinglayan community begins to question effectivity of vaccine against Covid-19.

Previously in the health board meeting at Old Tinglayan last Tuesday, 4 May 2021, issues on trusting the vaccine arise due to the hot topic of massive deaths in India.

"How come there are still many deaths in India when there is already a vaccine? Why should we trust in the vaccine when we can survive through eating healthy and nutritious food", Eddie Gaayon, a local questioned.

Lax in maintaining minimum health protocols, Mary Jane Buenaventura DOH clarified is one factor that caused the tragedy in India, had there been Herd Immunity such catastrophe she explained would have been prevented.

"Instead of focusing on India alone, let us look at the example of Bhutan that achieved 93% vaccination of its adult population leading to a safe environment for the remaining unvaccinated population. Israel, as well, have returned to normal after achieving Herd Immunity", she added.

Herd Immunity occurs when a large portion, preferably 70% of the community (Herd) is vaccinated or immuned, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely, helping to protect the remaining 30% - not vaccinated or immuned.

As a result, the whole community becomes protected.

"Covid-19 is fatal to the sick and people with weak immunity, for it worsen their illness. For us, the healthy with strong immunity, we can survive Covid-19 despite testing positive but how about our elders and sick relatives. Let us fear Covid-19 for loved ones around us", Dr. Aite Caren Liw-agan MHO said.

Mayor Sacrament Gumilab further added, "Vaccination is not something we should fear. The government would not allow something harmful for it's people....though it's voluntary I encourage everyone to be vaccinated not just for our safety but for the safety of our loved ones."

Today, 6 May 2021, MHO launch the second dose vaccination of Sinovac, taking the first step towards Herd Immunity in Tinglayan.