DA-INREMP, MLGU Tinglayan Turnover FMR Project To Umili's Care

May 14, 2021- Mayor Sacrament Gumilab together with MLGU and BLGU Tinglayan attended the Turnover, Acceptance and Inauguration Ceremony at Mallango, Tinglayan for the "Rehabilitation of Mallango-Sumadel-Belong Man-Ubal Farm to Market Road" Project.

DA-CAR OIC Regional Director Dr. Cameron Odsey and PENRO Provincial Director Noel Barrientos also graced the event.

The project was initiated in 2016 under the administration of Mayor Gumilab; however, it was often disapproved before finally being granted in 2018. It has then become the biggest project in the whole of Cordillera from DA-INREMP amounting to 36,708,069.67 pesos.

32,303,100.72 pesos from DA-INREMP Funding and 4,404,968.28 from Tinglayan LGU counterpart.

Previously, road access towards brgy. Mallango, Sumadel I, Sumadel II and Belong Man-Ubal wasn't convenient. Before development entered, the community had to hike 2 hrs. before reaching the national road. During the infancy of road construction, most of the path were made of earth and gravel. Tire paths were later introduced but they were risky and unsecure especially during rainy seasons.

Under the FMR project, the roads were made wider with 4m width, reaching a distance of 5,850 meters. It is now accessible, wider and more secure for the people, helping 420 household to easily and safely transport their goods to the market.

"Gapu daytoy nga Farm to Market Road, daytoy yen iti mangipakita iti ustu-ustu nga langan ti munisipyo. Mangipakita nga daytoy nga arapaap tayo, Tongrayan Umunno-unnoy ket talaga nga agpaypaysu nga binigat nga maararamid," Mayor Gumilab stated.

He added, "It keeps on developing. It keeps on getting better and better. Agdirdiretso haan nga agpatpatinga. Diay ti arapaap tayo ditoy Tinglayan ket sapay kuma ket babaen kadatayo nga umili ken barangay officials, agtintinnulong tayo ta maala tayo daytoy nga arapaap, Tongrayan Umunno-unnoy."

The master plan for Tinglayan, Mayor Gumilab disclosed is to create road networks, connecting all the barangay for MLGU services to reach the umili, promote tourism and open an alternate route.