8 CHARMP2 Projects Turnover: Butbut Tribe Accepts Responsibility

Tinglayan, Kalinga - Tinglayan LGU conducts Turnover, Acceptance and Inauguration Ceremony for 8 completed Rural Infrastructure and Development Projects last Friday, 14 May 2021at Mar-o, Bugnay.

MGU Tinglayan spearheaded by Mayor Sacrament Gumilab together with OIC Regional Director Project Manager Dr. Cameron Odsey, Asst. Component Coordinator Cecil Capegsan, APCO Bentres Goyo and Administrator William Puday Jr. for the province of Kalinga attended the event.

DA under the CHARMP2 Scale up Project granted 16,569,088,711 pesos to Butbut Tribe for the Construction of Bugnay (Lachog) DWS, Sabangay-Mangay, Inagwilan, Choya and Multi-purpose Warehouse; and Rehabilitation of A-oy Mamilig and Moma-Chachawis, and Gwatgwata-Bugnay CIS.

"Nagasat kayo kadagitoy nga projects nga napan kandakayo nga tumulong iti kakailiyan tayo," Mayor Gumilab addressed to the Butbut community.

He also commented on how the government has more priorities to fund but they were blessed to be given this big support which he revealed is due to their thorougness, conscientious and unity in implementing projects.

"Dayta ti maysa nga qualification nu apay nga kinayat ti DA nga ipan dituy Bugnay iti projects. Ta uray anya ti proposal tayo idiay region nu awan ti kakasdiay nga ugali tayu ket haan da nga agtalek, haan da met nga ited," Mayor Gumilab said.

He then encouraged everyone to take care and maintain these projects and be a model of diligence to the Tinglayan District for the responsibility he said now lies in their hands.

"Daytoy nga turnover nga naited iti barangay officials, iti umili ket inacceptaran tayo ta datayo iti mangkita tapnu agnanayon daytoy nga project...adu nga tawen kuma ti malpas na nga agserbi iti ili."

At the end, Mayor Gumilab said, " Nu kasta nga agsinsinnurut iti napintas nga aramid iti munisipyo, magun-ud tayo idiay arapaap tayo nga Tongrayan Umunno-unnoy."