LGU Tinglayan's Responders in Sta. Maria, Isabela

A Distress call from our "KAILYAN" residing at St. Maria, Isabela, crying for help because they are on their rooftop with her kids due to flooding brought about by Typhoon Ulysses, prompted LGU Tinglayan to immediately assemble a Rescue Team and send them to help. They were equipped with Rescue Equipments from the PDRRMO of Kalinga. To their surprise, our Responders did not only rescued our Kailyans but also the residents of Sta. Maria. They became the Core Team of Sta. Maria's Rescue efforts as our responders have the capability. They fetched stranded people and brought them to safe places and they transported Food Packs to the residents. "Tongrayan Umunno-Unnoy"